Carmel Cottage

Pebble Beach Ocean Villa

Arizona Art

Nob Hill Apartment

This spectacular ocean front home in Pebble Beach is all new construction. RHD was involved from the beginning, assisting in the selection of finishes, fixtures and lighting. Most upholstery is custom designed by RHD. Furnishings and antiques are in the manner of a traditional European home, with French, Italian, and English selections.

This three floor townhouse next to the Four Seasons Hotel overlooks the Boston Common. RHD traveled the U.S. and Europe for the antiques seen here, among them many Venetian pieces. The furnishings are a mix of formal comfort and European style, appropriate to the location.

This charming cottage is two blocks from the ocean. The owners wanted a very comfortable French Country interior, with lots of color. Note the "carmel stone" fireplace in the living room. Most spaces open out to patios and garden.

(Photography by David Duncan Livingston)

This apartment was inspired by Mr. Harned's many visits to Paris. The entry mirror is 18th C. Other furnishings are either period or reproductions of the Louis XVI style. Some are just references to this style, making for a somewhat eclectic and very French interior.

This art piece, as featured in Architectural Digest, was built as a second home. It references early Native American style, with a contemporary twist. The furnishings are designed to relate to that architecture, and to provide a non-formal comfort.

Boston Common Townhouse

(Photography by: Mary E. Nichols)
(Photography by Christopher Irion)
(Photography by Mary E. Nichols)
(Photography by David Duncan Livingston)

Marin County Ocean Front Lodge

Fronted by an 150' sea wall, this house was begun in 1910. Its original concept was that of a beach "cottage", but with lodge-like characteristics. The furnishings reflect the casual comfort of a beach setting, with rustic elegance.